Embracing Change: Lions FC’s Final Training Session Marks the Beginning of New Adventures and Farewells to Iconic Players!

Our very last Training Session for 2022-2023. As usual, all attended Players were fully motivated and gave their best. You could feel the special vibe this Training had with Music pumping out of a beatbox.

This was unfortunately also the farewell Training of 3 Iconic Players, due to their relocation to another Country. They will all be dearly missed.

Here is a small summary for them:

Hannah, striker

Hannah, Our Number 10. Quirky, fast, fit, and always ready to score for our Lions. An amazing contribution to the Team, when you consider she is “just” 11 Years young.

She will have an amazing Football career in front of her. Please continue your Passion for Football and find the Goal in Kenya asap!

Layla, Midfielder

Layla. Our great Midfielder. Many opponents have feared her, as she can be really hard to beat in one on one situations on the Pitch.

But most Teams have experienced her powerful shots from freekicks or during the Games. Every Goalkeeper should be aware when Layla is on the field. Booom!!!

Vanessa, The Captain of the Team

Vanessa, Our Captain is leaving Thailand too, Always gives 100% to the Team and she is in love with the Game of Football. Rumors say that she even sleeps with her Football beside her bed.

Vanessa has stepped up many times for the Lions, scoring important Goals or playing as a Goalkeeper when needed. She as well had a Powerful shot in the Team and gave Game changing Passes. Her new Club in Europe will definitely benefit.

Final dinner, the season is finished

After a few exchanges of farewell presents, the Team and Parents went for a final get-together at a nearby Restaurant to enjoy some good Thai Food. The Girls were even spotted learning the Game of Pool Billiard by our amazing Coach Panu.

Until next Season with new Opportunities and Challenges! 1…2…3…LIONS FIGHT !!!!!