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Are you an interested parent or a private business? Do you think you can grow and develop this football club? Everything depends on you here. Your contribution to the development of youth sports begins!

At Lions FC, we believe that football is more than just a pursuit of athletic excellence; it's a tool that transforms the lives of young individuals.

We provide youngsters not only with a ball and a football field, but with a path to development, self-assurance, teamwork, and friendship. Your support is a vital component of this mission.

Sponsoring Lions FC means investing in the future, in leadership skills, resilience, and capabilities that truly matter in our rapidly evolving 21st century. Your support goes beyond finances; it's an investment. Your contribution helps us expand our programs, equip players with the best tools, and bring in true professionals as coaches, making every session unforgettable.

Join us in our aspiration to craft a unique community where children can grow together. Help us construct a future in which the students who are part of Lions FC can proudly look at their accomplishments. Become our sponsor and aid us in creating a radiant future for them!

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Why Support Lions FC

Over the course of three years of dedicated effort, we've achieved incredible success, transitioning from an amateur club to earning top placements in regional and international competitions. Our victories have become an integral part of our history. Lions FC continues to expand and refine. With your help, we can do it better.

Equality in Sports

Lions FC, founded by Joe Derham for a group of young girls, is at the forefront of the battle for gender equality in football. Your contributions will support these children who are determined to shatter stereotypes and demonstrate that football transcends gender boundaries. You will be an integral part of a movement that advocates for sports development and cultivates equal opportunities for all.

Leadership Qualities

Football extends beyond the field; it serves as a tool for nurturing leadership, self-discipline, and teamwork. Your support will empower these youngsters to acquire vital life skills that will not only enhance their performance on the football pitch but also shape their future careers.

Inspiration and Aspirations

Every match and every training session propels these young minds toward their dreams of noteworthy accomplishments. Your support will serve as a wellspring of inspiration for these kids, underscoring that relentless commitment and effort can yield remarkable outcomes. You will bear witness to their evolution from novices to bona fide stars.

Team Spirit and Camaraderie

Within Lions FC, these children grasp the essence of teamwork, mutual support, and trust in their teammates. Your backing will fortify the connections within the team, uniting them around a shared objective and nurturing enduring friendships.

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Your contribution to Lions FC is an investment in the future of sports and the destinies of youth aspiring for success, equality, and inspiration. Join our team of supporters, and together we will build a bright future for football. Please feel free to write to management about your offer. Take your DIAMOND, GOLD, or SILVER status of sponsorship!

Our first sponsors

Your best partner in the Asian Food Business


We are proud to announce our first sponsor WokFoods. They are an important part of our team and support our girls in their quest for football tournaments. Thanks to the generous support of WokFoods, our players can develop and reach new heights!

Co-Kitchen Space of FOOD Innovation & Research


Our other sponsor is TasteLab. TasteLab shares our passion for football and helps us create unique opportunities for our girls by sponsoring coaching sessions. We are proud of them as our faithful allies on the path to success.