Lions FC Girls

Team Recruiting

We invite girls 10-14 years old to play football! Join our global community of parents to provide professional coaching and great fun for kids!

Welcome to Lions FC, a private international football club where football is not just a game, but an exciting adventure for children and their parents!

Living in a huge metropolis, it is not always easy to lead an active lifestyle and find enthusiastic, cheerful friends. But we have a solution! The Lions Football Club offers girls a unique opportunity to play football, immersing themselves in urban life.

Location: Our training sessions take place on the SoccerPro Bangna indoor professional football fields, conveniently located near the Bangna Central Shopping Mall. While their daughters are enjoying soccer practice, parents can go shopping or relax in the surrounding areas. The highway exits and the BTS and MRT public transport lines are also nearby, making our training sessions easily accessible.

Program: Our training goes beyond simple sports activities. They allow young athletes to connect and bond, learn how to set goals and develop teamwork. We take pride in providing our international community the opportunity to compete in Bangkok, Chonburi, and Hua Hin, enriching the lives of both children and parents through exciting adventures.

Football is not just a sport. It also develops personal skills such as responsibility, perseverance, and cooperation. At Lions FC, we strive to form not only athletes from your children but also personalities who are ready to face life’s challenges.

Join us at Lions FC and let the girls make new friends and explore the world of sports! Please contact us for more information about registration and training schedule. Give your daughter a chance to embark on an exciting journey into the world of football with Lions FC!

Private International Football Club for girls
Girls 10-14 years old are welcome

Private International football club

Why do girls play football and why is it so important?

Confidence: Playing football helps girls develop self-confidence as they face challenges on the field and learn to make quick decisions in various situations. This helps them believe in their abilities and act confidently both on and off the field.

Team spirit: Football is a team sport where every player is important for the success of the team. Participating in football helps girls learn to work in a team, listen to each other, trust their teammates, and achieve common goals.

Physical health: Participation in football training and games contributes to the physical health of girls. This helps them develop endurance, coordination, flexibility, and strength. Football is a great way to stay physically active and take care of your health.

Educational skills: Football also promotes the development of educational skills in girls. Regular training and participation in competitions require discipline, organization, and hard work – qualities that are necessary not only on the field but also in school.

Friendship and communication: The football team becomes a place where girls can not only learn to play football but also establish strong friendships. They learn to be part of a community, share experiences, support each other, and grow together as athletes and individuals.