BSL 2024 girls’ International football Festival in South East Asia

In January 2024, the Bangkok International Girls Football Festival (BIGFF) took place in Thailand, gathering 45 teams from various Southeast Asian countries.

For Lions FC, a small team supported by parents’ efforts, participating in BIGFF 2024 became a significant step in their football journey. This tournament wasn’t just about sports but a real adventure and opportunity for every player to grow.

Taking part in such tournaments offers more than just winning or losing; it’s a chance to meet professional teams, share experiences, and discover new paths for development.

Throughout the tournament, parents played a significant role in preparing and supporting the team, dedicating much time and energy to ensure their daughters could engage in this exciting sport. All these events were made possible thanks to the collective efforts of our small international community. We appreciate your contributions to Lions FC’s development!

The BIGFF 2024 tournament marked a crucial milestone in our club’s history. It showed that teamwork, perseverance, and the desire to grow and develop are the key qualities that help overcome any challenges on the path to achieving our goals. The spirit of fair play and the aspiration for new heights remain with Lions FC. Our players are ready to embrace new challenges and continue their journey in the world of football, inspiring others to pursue their dreams.

We also express deep gratitude to BSL and its sponsors, whose support enables such events and promotes women’s football in Southeast Asia. Huge thanks to all coaches, players, and spectators who made this tournament a true event in the world of actively developing girls’ football. Your support and contributions are invaluable, and we sincerely appreciate them.

Building Stronger Girls, Building Stronger Teams!

And more photos from BSL photographers: