A New Season – A New Chapter for Lions FC

After a two-month summer break filled with travels, adventure, and relaxation, it is time for the Mighty Lions FC to regroup and start training for our new 2023/2024 season.

We have returned to training now with a mixture of emotions. We are happy to reconnect with our teammates and hear about each other’s summer fun, but we are also sad to be missing some familiar faces from the club. While our former lionesses will be greatly missed, we wish them all the best of luck on their new journeys.

We are all looking forward to hearing about their lives and successes with their new football teams around the world!

Recruiting for Lions FC

At the same time, we are excited to welcome new faces to the squad. Lions FC is fortunate to have talented and dedicated new players sign up for this season.

We will do our very best to welcome you into the club and help you all feel ‘Part of the Pride’. We look forward to building on the successes we achieved on and off the pitch last season. With hard work, dedication (and maybe just a little luck), we will strive to once again win some silverware to add to our already impressive trophy cabinet.

Recruiting for Lions FC
Lions FC is looking for football players, SoccerPRO Bangna

Professional Coaching

It has also been fantastic to start working again with the mighty Coach Panu. Our terrific coach, with his proven track record of success, has picked up the new training sessions from exactly where we left off last season. We are working hard to shake off those summer cobwebs and build our fitness levels to new heights.

We have also started working with Coach Panu on some excellent drills to help enhance our football skills. These include drills that cover the following:

  • Understanding of correct player positioning, on and off the ball
  • One-touch pass accuracy
  • Ball control
  • Shooting

To the future with inspiration

It is encouraging for everyone involved in the club to see that even after all the squad changes and the summer break, our lionesses still maintain a strong team spirit. This unity and respect for each other are our secret weapons and precisely the type of mentality that leads to growth and success. As parents, it has been inspiring to watch our girls grow in skill and strength and then experience the rewards of their hard work.

Finally, after watching what was arguably one of the greatest women’s World Cups in history this past month, it goes to show how far and how high we can aspire to reach. It is important to remember that all the talented athletes who featured in this incredible tournament started in girls’ teams, much like our Lions FC.

All the building blocks for continued growth are there to be found in our club – a highly experienced and talented Coach, dedicated parents, an incredibly talented and focused group of girls, and last but not least, our secret weapon of Team Spirit.

So, best of luck to the team for the new season ahead, and most of all, never forget…

Lions Fight!