The Magnificent Ten – a dizzying rise of the Team


One thing that always stands out in our Lions FC Girls Squad, is the amazing Teamwork and Effort each and everyone puts into the Game of Football.

No one could have expected in 2020 when the Club was founded, that a bunch of Pre-Teenage Girls from various backgrounds could become a force in Thailand’s U11/U13 Football scene. Teams who were never beaten before suddenly had to fight very hard to score or even win. Lions FC won their first Trophy at the Harrow Youth U11 Tournament in 2021.

Moved up to the U13 Age Group in 2022 with many great performances and in 2023 did the impossible by winning all 3 U13 Tournaments hosted by Harrow International School: Harrow Youth Cup, Harrow Festival Cup, and Harrow International Cup. Lions FC Girls also played their first International Tournament at the Bangkok International Youth Soccer Festival with Teams from Singapore, Hongkong, and Thailand where they got 4th place and won the Best Sportsmanship Award.

Our Girls Team with a big Lions Heart:

PINKY. Position: Goalkeeper

The one who keeps our Goal clean. Her best skills are definitely super reflexes and her flexibility.

MELEANA. Position: Defender

Our most improved Player makes sure every Attacker has a hard time coming through to our Goal.

EMMA. Position: Defender

The Italian Lioness, Every Striker has been challenged to get passed by this quick and quirky Defender. Has definitely the longest throw-in from the sidelines.

IRIS. Position: Multitasker

Iris is a great asset for the Team, She can literally play any Position on the pitch. We have seen her in Goal, Defense, Midfield, and Striker. Her passion for football is clearly seen on the pitch.

ALEX. Position: Midfield

Our Left foot specialist is on the pitch. Always tries her best to improve her game, gives a deadly Pass, and has recently scored important Goals for the Team.

JADE. Position: Defense/Midfield

Opponents have felt the fearless Power of Jade, she makes sure no one can bypass her. Can give the right pass in the right moment.

LAYLA. Position: Midfield

Our tallest Player, which is feared by many. Always gives 100% and can score from far. She got the hardest Shot in the Team, no surprise she is our Freekick Specialist.

HANNAH. Position: Striker

Quirky, Fast, Unpredictable. Our youngest Player is super fast on the Ball, can deliver a precise pass, and has scored many important Goals.

AIDA. Positon: Striker

Many have compared her to the new female Messi, Super fast and has amazing dribbling skills. Has scored many Game-winning Goals.

VANESSA. Position: Striker

Our Captain is always a danger in front of the Goal, can shoot very hard, and delivers corner kicks from both sides.

COACH PANU. Position: Mastermind

Our Head Coach is a true blessing for our Team. He is a professional Football Player himself and enjoys training our Girls. He is showing them discipline, and motivation, and that with commitment and passion, everything is possible.