The Excellent Results In Harrow 7s Tournament

In 2022/23 Season our Lions FC Girls did something no other Girls Team in this Age Category has achieved before. Winning the Triple Crown. 3 Tournaments have been organized by Harrow International School in this Season. The Harrow Youth Cup, The Harrow 7’s Festival and The Harrow International Cup.

It was not an easy way for any Team to reach the Finals or be victorious on the pitch. Only true determination and sportsmanship would have shown Champion Quality.

Harrow Youth Cup, October 29th 2022, Harrow International School:

Champions: Lions FC Girls


Lions FC vs. Rugby School 0:0

Lions FC vs. Harrow 3:0, (Goals: 1:0 Iris, 2:0 Iris, 3:0 Iris, nice Hattrick!)

Lions FC vs. Kings College 4:0 (Goals: 1:0 Aida, 2:0 Iris, 3:0 Hannah, 4:0 Aida)

Lions FC vs. STA 107 1:2 (Goals: 1:0 Aida, 1:1, 1:2)

Lions FC vs. Denla School 3:0 (Goals: 1:0 Iris, 2:0 Layla, 3:0 Aida)

FINAL: Lions FC vs. STA71 2:1 (Goals: 0:1, 1:1 Layla, 2:1 Aida) One of the most thrilling Games in Lions Fc History with a last minute Goal from Aida having Parents and Coaches storming the Pitch. Beaten the Archrival STA71 in a well earned turnaround Game. Emotions were high!

Harrow 7’s Football Festival, February 28th 2023, Harrow International School

Champions: Lions FC Girls


Lions FC vs. STA71 1:0 (Goals: 1:0 Vanessa)

Lions FC vs. Harrow 3:0 (Goals: 1:0 Alex, 2:0 Vanessa, 3:0 Aida)

Lions FC vs. Brighton 4:0 (Goals: 1:0 Vanessa, 2:0 Vanessa, 3:0 Hannah, 4:0 Hannah)

Lions FC vs. Amnuay 8:0 ( Goals: 1:0 Iris, 2:0 Aida, 3:0 Aida, 4:0 Vanessa, 5:0 Iris, 6:0 Emma, 7:0 Hannah, 8:0 Iris)

Lions FC vs. Patana 2:0 (Goals: 1:0 Aida, 2:0 Aida)

FINAL: Lions FC vs. STA71 1:0 after Extra Time (Goal 1:0 Aida). Also in this Final we played against STA71 again and it was 0:0 after regular playtime, which meant a Golden Goal and 3v3 on the Pitch will decide. Coach Panu decided that Pinky, Aida and Vanessa will take the chance. Referee gave us the Ball in the middle circle and Aida passed to Vanessa, down the right side, sharp pass back to Aida an locked the Ball in the Goal for our 2nd Championship Trophy in a Season. Emotions were running high again with Players, Coaches and Parents.

Harrow International Football Tournament, March 17th and 18th

Champions Lions FC Girls


DAY 1, March 17th:

Lions FC vs. BISP Phuket 2:0 (Goals: 1:0 Iris, 2:0 Aida)

Lions FC vs One Bangkok 2:0 ( 1 BKK no show, 2:0)

Lions FC vs. Shrewsbury 3:1 (Goals: 1:0 Layla, 2:0 Aida, 3:0 Hannah, 3:1)

Lions FC vs. Tanglin Singapore 2:2 (Goals 0:1, 1:1 Iris, 2:1 Layla, 2:2)

Lions FC vs. BISP Phuket 4:2 (Goals: 0:1, 1:1 Hannah, 1:2, 2:2 Hannah, 3:2 Aida, 4:2 Vanessa)

DAY 2, March 18th:

Lions FC vs. One Bangkok 1:1(Goals: 1:0 Iris, 1:1)

Lions FC vs. Shrewsbury 3:0 (Goals: 1:0 Iris, 2:0 Iris, 3:0 Hannah)

Lions Fc vs. Tanglin Singapore 4:1 (Goals 0:1, 1:1 Hannah, 2:1 Vanessa, 3:1 Alex, 4:1 Alex)

FINAL: Lions Fc vs. BISP Phuket 1:1 (Goals: 0:1, 1:1 Aida) Penalties Best of 3: ( 1:0 Vanessa, 1:1, 2:1 Aida, 2:1X, 3:1 Emma).

This Final was a game of Nerves, Teamwork and Heat fight! Temperature was already at a boiling 35C at Kickoff. The game started and a high ball from BISP into our Box bounced very unlucky over the Line. 0:1. But our Lionoesses with their big Heart fought back and with a super nice solo over the left side Aida scored the equalizer for the 1:1. Back in to the Game! No one was able to score in regular time, so a decision had to be made, but even the Referee didn’t know if it Penalties or 3v3 again. After 10 minutes gathering information form the organizer the Ref pointed to the Penalties Spot. First time for our Girls in an official Game! Vanessa took the lead and hammered it in the left corner, BISP did the same, 1:1, Now Aida scored again with a precise shot in the left corner. 2:1, BISP send their strongest player to take the second shot and she unfortunately put it on the right post. still 2:1. If we score the next one we would be Champions, but who to choose? Here comes Emma, placed the Ball on the Spot and without blinking with an eye put it under the crossbar! 3:1 Final result in Penalties. Champion again!

The Girls did it again and celebrated in big style. We saw parents jumping and dancing in joy and soon “We are the Champions” was heard from our tent. A day to remember!

Those are our Lions Triple Champions 2022/23.